Our 2019 Summer Season

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Audrina Brown has recently inherited Lovers' Landing Hotel on the Gulf coast, a popular wedding destination. Any moment, Beatrice Rutherford-Smythe, the epitome of New England blue bloods, will arrive with daughter Traci to meet with Madame Coco. Unfortunately, Madame Coco has eloped. Because this is a farce, the only person who can pretend to be the famed wedding planner is Uncle Bubba, the maintenance man and "Jack-of-all-trades" who has developed a variety of extra-curricular activities which all appear to be illegal. Coerced by Audrina he spends the time alternating between himself and Madame Coco. Beatrice doesn't like the locale and more importantly she doesn't like Traci's fiance, Peter Mudd...not to be confused with the mysterious Douglas DuPont. Beatrice does like Bubba.  A scatter-brained receptionist, mistaken identities, room number mix-up, bingo, and rum create a roller coaster of events that put the upcoming wedding on shifting sands. Don't forget your flip flops!


Romy Gerstenberger Randy Jones Vicki Gerstenberger

Alicia Nicholls Kaelie Merrill Jacob Junkins

Jacob Coombs Nicole Pinnette

Performed May 23, 24, 25, 26, & May 30, 31, June 1.    

Matinee  May 29

Sponsored by: New Balance

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Nick is a single Italian-American guy from New Jersey. His parents retired and moved to Florida.  That doesn’t mean his family isn’t still in Jersey.  In fact, he sees both sets of his grandparents every Sunday for dinner this is routine until he has to tell them that he’s been offered a dream job.  The job he’s been waiting for—marketing executive—would take him away from his beloved, but annoying, grandparents.  He tells them.  The news doesn’t sit so well.  Thus begins a series of schemes to keep Nick around.  How could he betray his family’s love to move to Seattle for a job, wonder his grandparents?  Well, Frank, Aida, Nunzio and Emma do their level best, and that includes bringing to dinner the lovely—and single—Caitlin O’Hare as bait!


Cody Curtis

MJ Clifford Stan Pinnette Midge Merrill-Pomelow Ron Veno

Kelsey Book

Performed June 6, 7, 8, 9 & 13, 14, 15.   Matinee & Evening June 12

sponsored By: The Brochu Family

big fish logo.jpg

Based on the celebrated novel by Daniel Wallace and the acclaimed film directed by Tim Burton, BIG FISH tells the story of Edward Bloom, a traveling salesman who lives life to its fullest… and then some!.

Edward Bloom has lived a full and fantastical life, populated by witches, giants, and mermaids, marked by true love that sops time in its tracks, and framed by heroics that push the limits of believability.  His adult son, Will, is no longer amused by his father’s fantastical tales, insisting on a rational rather than a fantastical account of one’s life.  When Edward’s health declines, and Will learns that he and his wife, Josephine, will have a son of their own, Will decides to find out his father’s “true” life story, once and for all.  Big Fish is a heartfelt, powerful, and truly magical musical about fathers, sons, and the stories that we use to define ourselves. Big Fish is a magnificent “big fish” of a tale, itself – spectacular, fantastical, and overflowing with love. 


Dean Neal Lisa Neal Cody Curtis

Jakob Sutton Juan Lavalle-Rivera Gretchen Lane

Art Meneses Kalyn Black Will Stecher Finnegan McCabe Kate Robertson

Colton Bagley Jacob Coombs Isabelle Grignon Julia Cooke Earl Boyd

Charlie Staples Matthew Allarie John Kenney Cami Gibson Sawyer Merrill

Jack Gibson Ethan Gilles Lyn Govoni Raelene Keniston Chelsea Martel

Dee Pizzo Gabi Pizzo Payton Snowden Lizzy Steeves Tina Steeves Emma York

Performed June 20, 21, 22, 23 & June 27, 28, 29.  Matinee & Evening, June 26

sponsored by: Willis henri, llc

ghost of a chance logo.jpg

Bethany is bright, strong, independent, beautiful and has zero self-esteem. She has brought her fiancé, Floyd, and his mother, Verna, up to her cabin in the woods, the site of the hunting accident that killed Chance, her first husband. Much to her consternation, he or rather, his ghost is still there. Only Bethany can see him, so Floyd and Verna think she is crazy as she frantically tries to get rid of, well, it seems to them nobody. Chance, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to prevent Bethany from marrying Floyd. Bethany even brings in a delightfully kooky psychic to help deal with the ghost of Chance.


Sarah Johnson Henry Quintal Wallace Bruce

Cheryl Seamans Kily Hilton Gary Dorman

Performed July 4, 5, 6, 7 & 11, 12, 13.   Matinee & Evening, July 10

godspell logo.png

This immensely successful rock opera needs little introduction, but when it was first produced on Broadway in 1971 it broke new ground in its stage treatment of the historical Jesus Christ. Based on the Gospel according to St Matthew it deals with the last days of Jesus, and includes dramatized versions of several well-known parables. And yet it is something more - a religious experience, a demonstration of joy, and a celebration of the family of man. Led by international hit, Day by Day, Godspell features a parade of beloved songs including Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord, Learn Your Lessons Well, All for the Best, All Good Gifts, Turn Back, O Man and By my Side.


Cody Curtis Connor Reeves

Matthew Allarie Isabelle Grignon Chelsea Martel Gabi Pizzo

Art Meneses Taylor Kruse Payton Snowden Lizzy Steeves

Performed July 18, 19, 20, 21 & July 25, 26, 27.     Matinee & Evening, July 24

sponsored by: strawberry hill farms


They said it was unachievable!

They said it couldn’t be done!

But now the greatest book ever penned is brought to the stage by a towering team of just four actors – turning Lakewood theater into one of the most authentic versions of Ancient Rome ever seen. Complete with…

Stunning combat (featuring the latest 3D technology!

A 103% bona fide chariot race (with REAL chariots)!

An authentic sea battle (with REAL water)!

A decadent and unexpurgated Roman orgy (suitable for all ages)!

Based on one of the timeless stories of one of the best-selling books of the nineteenth century, this stage adaptation condenses the epic tale so that it can be told by just four actors. The story follows an amateur theatre troupe as they produce the massive tale of the fictional Jewish prince and merchant Judah Ben-Hur.    

         He falls to galley slave and rises to champion charioteer within Jerusalem during the life of Jesus  Christ, while the actors struggle along through the piece as rivalries form and offstage romances interfere.


Wallace Bruce Ted Smith Chelsea Martel Juan Lavalle-Rivera

Performed August 1, 2, 3, 4, & 8, 9, 10.             Matinee & Evening, August 7


In roaring twenties Chicago, chorine Roxie Hart murders a faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband Amos to take the rap…until he finds out he’s been duped and turns on Roxie.  Convicted and sent to death row, Roxie and another “Merry Murderess” Velma Kelly, vie for the spotlight and the headlines, ultimately joining forces in search of the “American Dream”: fame, fortune and acquittal. And All That Jazz!


Lisa Neal Kaylee Pomelow Wallace Bruce

Nancy Carbone Jacob Junkins Stephanie Irwin

Kristen Alberts Sikwani Dana Jen Day Payton Snowden Morgan Steward Bianca Stoutamyer

Tucker Atwood Jacob Coombs Cody Curtis Nathan Dana Ethan Gilles Art Meneses

Performed August  15, 16, 17, 18 & 22, 23, 24.          Matinee & Evening, August 21

sponsored by: Granite Hill Estates
and Martha Ballard Assisted Living

the vultures.jpg

The story takes place at Westmount Estate, on the 20th anniversary of the death of publishing magnate Simon West. As his six remaining relatives gather for the reading of his will, the mysterious housekeeper declares, “The relatives are swooping in like a wake of vultures ready to pick the carcass clean.”

When the will is read, Hunter West is named as the sole heir, on the condition that he doesn’t suffer from an insanity curse that has plagued the family. If Hunter is declared of unsound mind, a second envelope of the will must be opened, and it will designate an alternate heir.

As the night progresses and the storm rages, Hunter’s sanity comes into question and one of the group goes missing. Who will ultimately inherit the fortune? Will it be the charming realtor, the handsome male model, the dimwitted nail technician, the bitter old woman, the gay hairdresser, or the mild mannered accountant? Throw in a priceless pocket watch, an androgynous housekeeper, an escaped mental patient, and a pair of reunited lovers and the result is murder, with a hefty dose of laughs.


Midge Pomelow Art Meneses MJ Clifford Jacob Coombs

Cody Curtis Jesse Bosdell Romy Gerstenberger

Bill Merrill Jakob Sutton Earl Boyd

Performed August 29, 30, 31, September 5, 6, 7.       2 PM  Matinee September 4

sponsored by: Motor supply


When Brian takes up jogging, his wife Hilary is not surprised.  She has often told him he should exercise more after all the business lunches he consumes.  But when Brian is ostensibly running round the park, he is, in fact, spending a couple of hours with his girlfriend, Wendy, in his good friend George’s home.  The arrangement works well for some time, for while Brian is visiting Wendy, helpful George knows that there is no danger of his own dalliance being discovered; for the object of his affection is Brian’s wife, Hilary!  It is all plain sailing until George’s wife Jessica returns too soon from a business trip to America and puts the cat among the pigeons! 

Randy Jones Henry Quintal Wendi Richards Kailey Smith Pam Smith

Performed September 12, 13, 14, 15 & 19, 20, 21.          2 PM Matinee only September 18