2016 Full Schedule

Get ready for the 116th Season of Lakewood Theater.  We are offering 1 drama, 3 farces, 2 comedies, and 3 musicals.  It’s a year of old favorites and brand new shows to Lakewood.


Evening Shows:
Thursday through Saturday at 8 pm
Every other Sunday at 4 pm
Every other Wednesday at 2 pm & 7 pm*
*There are no 7 pm matinees during the month of  September

Our Season Underwriters: Bee Line Cable and Skowhegan Savings Bank



Money Matters

Counterfeiters, a Contessa and a geriatric chick chaser!

The house has been sold. Hypochondriac George and his humorless daughter Annie must move and must abandon the basement where for ten years they have been producing counterfeit $20 bills.  The new owner, Bud "the Stud" Davis - a geriatric chick chaser - plans to create a retirement home for women.  They cannot move the printing press so Annie and George enlist the aid of Annie's former sorority sister  actress Charmaine Beauregard and their neighbor Contessa Marilena, a flamboyant psychic (aka the Romanian fruitcake) to convince Bud that the house is unsuitable because it is haunted.  Chaos ensues.  During a seance two ghosts appear.  Charmaine recognizes Bud as an old flame.  Bud attempts to put a move on all three women.  George finds himself pursued by Charmaine, while falling for the Contessa. And then Mr. Oppenheimer arrives and...

Performed May 26,27,28, & June  2, 3, 4 @ 8pm

Matinees May 29 @ 4pm - June 1 @ 2pm & 7pm


Gary Dorman     Kelly Sandman      Nancy Carbone

James Paine     Ron Veno

Diane Chamberland



A deliciously funny Southern fried comedy.

Round-Up is the final saga in the soap-opera lives of Gaynelle, Peaches, and Jimmie Wyvette - the Verdeen cousins of Sweetgum, Texas.  Before their old high school is demolished, the cousins are determined to produce the ultimate high school reunion.  But  they have a bushel of obstacles to overcome before they can pull off this miracle: a funeral, a TV on-screen cat fight, a self-righteous aunt, a randy uncle in love with octogenarian sisters, an old flame with an evil hand puppet, and a contaminated crime scene.  The reunion will conclude with the announcement of the final and forever Guacamole Queen.  Chaos is side-splittingly achieved!  You'll laugh so hard you might even consider attending your next high school reunion!

Performed June 9,10,11 & 16, 17, 18 @ 8pm

Matinees June 12 @ 4pm - June 15 @ 2pm & 7pm


Midge Pomelow     Heidi Holst     Cheryl Seamans

MJ Clifford      Kalyn Black     Uri Lessing

Stacey Watson     Raelene Keniston     Henry Quintal

Earl Boyd     Lyn Govoni     Jeff Quinn





A love letter to miss Patsy Cline featuring over 27 of her songs!

You'll fall to pieces if you miss this brilliant retelling of the legendary singer's all too short career.  Always, Patsy Cline tells the true story of the friendship and pen-pal relationship that developed between Patsy Cline and Houston housewife Louise Seger, her most devoted fan. Louise narrates the story of the day in 1961 when she met Patsy at the Esquire Ballroom.  Afterward, Patsy kept in touch with her number one fan by writing her long hand-written letters until the day she died tragically in a plane crash.  She signed the letters "(Love) Always, Patsy Cline." Enjoy...and even sing along...to 27 songs including Sweet Dreams and Walkin' After Midnight. Nance Carbone, a Lakewood favorite, will reprise her role as Patsy. You would be Crazy to miss this one.

Performed June 23,24,25, & June 30, July 1,2 @ 8pm

Matinees June 26 @ 4pm - June 29 @ 2pm & 7pm


Nancy Carbone

Sarah Harriman   



Grown women, aching feet, and heaving bosoms!


2016 marks the 20th year of the London Moonwalk.  Walk the Walk is a grant making charity that raises money for vital breast cancer causes.  More than 300,000 women have donned fanciful bras and posh trainers and have participated in either the marathon or half marathon.  Friends - Hilary, Siobhan, Yvonne, Vicky and Maggie - have accepted the challenge to speed walk thirteen miles through the London night.  When a member of the team must drop out the only available replacement is, well, a Tom Cat!  A genuinely funny and even touching ensemble piece, Cheshire Cats is a cross between a girl's night out and a real mission to support a cause close to many hearts, with plenty of laughs and a few tears along the way.

Performed July 7, 8, 9 & 14,15,16 @ 8pm

Matinees July 10 @ 4pm & July 13 & 2pm & 7pm


Midge Pomelow     Vicky Gerstenberger     Pam Smith

Kily Hilton     Kalyn Black

Jacob Coombs     Tucker Atwood,     MJ Clifford     Raelene Keniston

John Kenney     Jane Ouderkirk     Jane Parker     Mike Wiers




Young Frankenstein

It's Alive! This monstrously funny musical will leave you in stitches.

From the creators of the The Producers comes this monster musical comedy. The comedy genius Mel Brooks adapts his legendarily funny film into a brilliant stage creation - Young Frankenstein!

Grandson of the infamous Victor Frankenstein, Frederick Frankenstein inherits his family's estate in Transylvania. With the help of a hunchbacked side kick, Igor, and a leggy lab assistant, Inga, Frederick finds himself in the mad scientist shoes of his ancestors.  "It's alive!" he exclaims as he brings to life a creature to rival his grandfather's.  Eventually, of course, the monster escapes and hilarity continuously abounds.

Every bit as relevant to audience members who will remember the original as it will be to newcomers, Young Frankenstein has all the panache of the screen sensation with a little extra theatrical flair added. With such memorable tunes as "The Transylvania Mania," "He Vas My Boyfriend" and "Puttin' on the Ritz," Young Frankenstein is scientifically-proven and monstrously good entertainment.

For Mature Audiences only!

Performed July 21,22,23 & July 28,29,30  @ 8pm

Matinees July 24 @ 4pm - July 27 @ 2pm & 7pm


Bobby Keniston      Ted Smith      Kaylee Pomelow      Jacob Junkins

Connor  Reeves       Derek Preble      Gretchen Lane      Stephanie Irwin

Uri Lessing      Stan Pinnette      Tucker Atwood      Jacob Coombs

Eben Hilton      Kaetlyn Stinson      Shelby Thibodeau      Julia Christie

James Paine      Cathie Starbird      Dominic Fazio     Payton Snowden

Brittany Hemphill       Isaac Tardy



Death by Design

A murder mystery masquerading as an all-out farce!


Set during a weekend in an English country manor in 1932, Death by Design is a delightful and mysterious "mash-up" of two of the greatest English writers of all time (Agatha Christie & Noel Coward).  Edward Bennett, a playwright, and his wife Sorel Bennett, an actress, flee London and head to Cookham after a disastrous opening night.  But various guests arrive unexpectedly -- a conservaive politician, a fiery socialist, a nearsighted ingenue, a zany  modern dancer -- each with a long-held secret.  When one of the guests is murdered, it's left to Bridgit, the feisty Irish maid with a macabre interest in homicide, to solve the crime.  Death by Design is more than homage -- it's a new classic.

Performed August 4,5,6 & 11,12,13

Matinees August 7 @ 4pm - August 10 @ 2pm & 7pm


Randy Jones      Wendi Richards

Midge Pomelow       Jacob Coombs       Mike Clements

Heidi Holst        Kaylee Pomelow




It's so nice to have you back where you belong!

New York City in the 1890s.  Dolly Levi is a matchmaker who merrily arranges things...like furniture, daffodils, and lives.  Horace Vandergelder, a half-a-millionaire, feed store owner in Yonkers, requires her services.  He needs a woman and has his heart set on a certain milliner.  A widow, Dolly finds herself in love with the grumpy Vandergelder.  She weaves a web of romantic complications involving him, his clerks Cornelius and Barnaby, his weeping niece Ermengarde, struggling artist Ambrose, the hat maker Irene Molloy, and her assistant Minnie Fay.  The lovebirds are caught up in the great Fourteenth Street Association Parade as they make their way to the most elegant and expensive restaurant in town, the Harmonia Gardens.  There, Dolly is greeted by the waiters, cooks, doormen, and wine stewards in one of the most famous songs in the history of American theater.  Say Hello to Dolly!

Performed August 18,19,20 & 25,26,27 @ 8pm

Matinees August 21 @ 4pm - August 24 @ 2pm & 7pm


Lisa Neal     Gary Dorman

Chad Boothman     Beth Lambert

Tucker Atwood     Tori Osman

Kylie Welch     Bruce Wilson     Payton Snowden

Will Stecher     Gabi Pizzo     Dominic Fazio

Isabelle Grignon     Ethan Quigley     Emily Goulette     Isaac Tardy

Jillyann Butler      Ethan Wiers     Kaylee Pomelow     Taylor Kruse

Emily Kay  Jantha Gray  Jakob Sutton     Justin Ramos





I can see it, George. I can see it!

They are an unlikely pair: George, small, quick, intelligent and undereducated, and Lennie a man of tremendous size with the mind of a young child.  They are lonely drifters.  Laborers living hand to mouth in the dusty vegetable fields of California during the Great Depression.  George guides and protects Lennie but also depends on him for companionship.  Theirs is a friendship and a shared dream that makes an individual's existence meaningful.  The dream: to own an acre of land and a shack they can call their own.  When they land jobs on a ranch in the Salinas Valley, the fulfillment of the dream seems to be within their grasp.  A gentle giant with brute strength, Lennie has an obsession with things soft and cuddly...rabbits, puppies, the hair of a provocative woman.  When the woman is found dead from a broken neck, George is faced with a moral question: how should he deal with Lennie before the ranchers find him and take matters into their own hands.  An American classic!

[Contains adult language]

Performed September 1,2,3 & 8,9,10 @ 8pm

Matinees September 4 @ 4pm - September 7 @ 2pm


Derek Preble     Jake Junkins

Earl Boyd     James Paine     Henry Quintal

Crys Bruschi     Jayson Smith   Jakob Sutton




Boxer Shorts, Derrieres and a Lion!


Get out the boxer shorts, wigs, and size ten pumps! The year is 1962.  The place is an upscale hotel.  Living legend Lillian Lamour, a Mae West like sex siren, comes out of seclusion for a one night tribute at Carnegie Hall.  Her entourage and the hotel staff include a cop, a wall flower daughter, a gangster crooner, a 40 year-old Bellhop, a delusional doctor, and a high strung press agent.  During a publicity shoot a lion bites her world famous derriere exposing, among other things, that she is a he!  Will Hollywood's best kept secret be revealed or will the zany cast dive into a rack of sequined dresses in assorted sizes to assure that the show must go on?  What do you think...

Performed September 15,16,17 & 22,23,24 @ 8pm

Matinees September 18 @ 4pm - September 21 @ 2pm


Cheryl Seamans

Bobby Keniston     Stan Pinnette     Gary Dorman

Cary Libby  James Paine   Kailey Smith  Bob Morison

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