2017 Full Schedule

Get ready for the 117th Season of Lakewood Theater.  We are offering 1 mystery,  2 farces, 3 comedies, and 3 musicals.  It’s a year of old favorites and brand new shows to Lakewood.


Evening Shows:
Thursday through Saturday at 8 pm
Every other Sunday at 4 pm
Every other Wednesday at 2 pm & 7 pm*
*There are no 7 pm matinees during the month of  May & September

Our Season Underwriters: Bee Line Cable and Skowhegan Savings Bank



Arsenic and Old Lace


The year is 1941. A large house next to a cemetery in Brooklyn...home of the Brewsters.  Let's see...there are the two spinster aunts Martha and Abby, and their nephews - Mortimer, a drama critic recently engaged to the minister's daughter, bugle-blowing Teddy who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt, and murderous Jonathan who has eluded capture with the aid of an alcoholic facial surgeon whose last procedure has Jonathan looking like Boris Karloff.  The Brewsters can trace their lineage to the Mayflower and there are also trace elements of cyanide, arsenic, and strychnine in the elderberry wine the kind old ladies have been offering to lonely men.  So far 12 men have succumbed to the charm and libation of the sweet sisters.  Believing they have died from yellow fever, Teddy has buried them in the Panama Canal (the cellar.)  The 12th victim rests in the window seat. Charge! To your telephones and make reservations today for the opening show of the Lakewood season.

Performed May 25,26,27, & June  1, 2, 3 @ 8pm

Matinees May 28 @ 4pm - May 31 @ 2pm


MJ Clifford           Raelene Keniston

Jacob S. Coombs          Cary Libby           Jacob Junkins

Bobby Keniston          Bianca Stoutamayer          Gary Dorman

Mike Wiers     John Kenney     Earl Boyd     Jakob Sutton     Bill Merrill     Ethan Wiers




Ever ponder "What if" "If only" "I should have" "Why didn't I"...of course.  We all wish we could turn back time and fix our perceived mistakes: a do-over, a mulligan, a take-two.  Ken regrets losing the girl of his dreams 24 years ago.  When fate...and the bits and pieces of a time machine in his garage...grant his wish, Ken finds himself 25 years in the past.  With the help of his best friend, Greta, he plays Cyrano to himself, desperate to get his younger version to marry Jenny.  But his younger self is just as stubborn as the older version and refuses to listen to advice from an old man.  Ken falls for Jenny all over again and is now trying to woo the girl away from ..  well himself! Some Sweet Day is a high-octane romantic comedy that also takes a serious look at life, our time on this planet, and the price we pay for regret.  Laugh filled! Calorie free!

Performed June 8, 9,10 & 15, 16, 17 @ 8pm

Matinees June 11 @ 4pm - June 14 @ 2pm & 7pm


Ted Smith          Kelsey Book

Jesse Bosdell          Sarah Johnson          Connie Kelley

Cayman Goodhue          Vicki Gerstenburger






A Swinging 60's Sensation

With an irresistible blend of hip-swiveling hits, eye-popping fashions, and outrageous dance moves, SHOUT! The Mod Musical recalls the music, style, and freedom of the 1960s.  The review follows five groovy gals as they come of age during those glorious days that made England swing.  Traveling in time from 1960 to 1970, SHOUT! chroncicles the dawning liberation of women, from the rise of Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark and Cilla Black as independent women with major careers, to their American ounterparts, redefining themselves in the face of changing attitudes about gender.  With a shimmy and shake, the songs are tied together by hilarious sound bites from the period -- from '60s advertisements to letters answered by an advice columnist who thinks that every problem can be solved with a "fetching new hair style and a new shade of lipstick." SHOUT! features terrific new arrangements of such classic tunes as "To Sir with Love," "Downtown," "Son of a Preacher Man"and "Goldfinger."

The songs in this delightful musical resonate with a timeless quality that appeals to every generation.  Don't sleep in the subway or stand in the pouring rain... make your reservations today!

Performed June 22, 23, 24 &  June 29, 30 July 1 @ 8pm

Matinees June 25 @ 4pm - June 28 @ 2pm & 7pm


Nancy Carbone      Valerie Glueck

Gretchen Lane     Beth Lambert      Lisa Neal



What do you do when you have three geriatric sisters as patients, and all they want to do is sit at home and talk (all at the same time) to each other? You move another person in with them., At least that's what Doc Lomax does when he has a new nurse needing a place to live -- a nurse with a secret.  Nurse Jean soon has the sisters planning parties, pulling pranks and jogging around town.  But, when their nephew shows up with plans to sell the house, things get complicated again, especially with Christmas just around the corner.

Performed July 6, 7, 8 & 13,14,15 @ 8pm

Matinees July 9 @ 4pm & July 12 & 2pm & 7pm


Jane Ouderkirk          Cheryl Seamans          MJ Clifford

Henry Quintal          Payton Snowden          Tucker Atwood

Jesse Bosdell          Midge Pomelow           Nathaniel Grindstaff




Avenue Q

Winner of the Tony "Triple Crown" for best Musical, Best Score, and Best Book, Avenue Q is part flesh, part felt and packed with heart.

With 3 humans and 11 puppets who interact, Avenue Q is a coming-of-age parable, addressing and satirizing the issues and anxieties assoicated with entering adulthook.  Princeton, a recent college graduate, is anxious to discover his purpose in life; but first, he must find an apartment and a job, with no work experience and an English degree. Beginning his search on Avenue A he finally finds an aggordable apartment on Avenue Q.  His rent may be cheap but the neighborhood is rich in characters.  Kate Monster, a kindergarten teaching assistant; Rod, an anal-retentive Republican banker; Nicky, Rod's slacker roommate; Brian, an aspiring comedian; Christmas Eve, Brian's Japanese fiancee and a therapist with no clients; Trekkie Monster, a surly recluse who surfs the Internet, and Gary Coleman, the building superintendent.

Filled with gut-busting humor and a delightfully catchy score, not to mention puppets, Avenue Q is truly unique show that has quickly become a favorite for audiences everywhere.

This show contains Adult situations and is NOT for children.

Performed July 20, 21,22 & July 27,28,29  @ 8pm

Matinees July 23 @ 4pm - July 26 @ 2pm & 7pm


Justin Ramos          Derek Preble          Marisa Bradford

Cody Curtis          Daniel Giroux-Pare          Kailey Smith

Connor Reeves          Dominic Fazio          Gabi Pizzo

Ted Smith          Kaylee Pomelow           Sam Libby          Payton Snowden



The Savannah Sipping Society

Four unique Southern ladies are drawn together by Fate... an impromptu happy hour...and decide it's high time to reclaim an enthusiasm for life. Randa, a perfectionist and workaholic, has lost her job.  Dot, on the brink of an idyllic retirement, has lost her husband.  Earthy and boisterous Marlafaye, a good ol'Texas gal, has lost her lifestyle.  And Jinx, a spunky ball of fire who offers her services as a much needed life coach for the women, well...Jinx has lost her self.  Over the course of six months, filled with laughter, hilarious misadventures, and occasional liquid refreshment, these women successfully bond and find the confidence to jumpstart their new lives.  Together, they discover lasting friendships and a renewed determination to live in the moment--and most importantly, realize it's never too late.  So raise your glass to these strong Southern women and their fierce embrace of life and say "Cheers!" to this joyful and surprisingly touching comedy.

Performed August 3, 4, 5 & 10, 11,12

Matinees August 6 @ 4pm - August 9 @ 2pm & 7pm


Sarah Harriman          Pam Smith

MJ Clifford          Lyn Govoni





I'm Sitting on Top of the World

Loaded with big laughs colorful characters and the songs that made the '20s roar, Bullets Over Broadway, The Musical is bringing musical comedy back with a bang.  Based on the screenplay o the acclaimed 1994 film by Woody Allen and Douglas McGrath, this six-time Tony-nominated musical features existing hits from the 1920s, including "Let's Misbehave," "Up a Lazy River," "Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I  Do" and "Hold that Tiger."

David Shayne is a straight-arrow playwright who plans to stand firm against compromising his work but quickly abandons that stance when his producer finds a backer to mount his show on Broadway.  There's just one catch, however: the backer is a mobster who sees Shayne's play as a vehicle for his ditzy, talent-free girlfriend.  Throw in an aging diva, a savant hit-man and a bevy of beautiful chorus girls, and this is one Broadway show that is sure to knock ém dead.

Bullets Over Broadway is a love letter to the Golden Age of Broadway, filled with unforgettable vintage songs that audiences will remember and love.  With a handful of over-the-top character roles, and a high-stepping ensemble, this is a perfect choice for audiences looking for a big, splashy and wildly entertaining production.

Performed August 17,18,19 & 24, 25, 26 @ 8pm

Matinees August 20 @ 4pm - August 23 @ 2pm & 7pm


Bobby Keniston          Chad Boothman

Beth Lambert           Lisa Neal

Stan Pinnette          Kaylee Pomelow           Shelby Thibodeau

Wil Stecher          Greg Wiers           Jacob Junkins

Ethan Wiers         Marisa Bovie          Tucker Atwood          Kaelie Merrill

Jacob Coombs          Payton Snowden           Joe Mariani          Gabi Pizzo

Cami Gibson             Hannah Hanson           Sydney Noonan          Sikwani Dana

Nathan Dana            Jakob Sutton          Julia Christie          Derek Preble





A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Get your deerstalker cap on -- the play's afoot!  Sherlock Holmes is on the case.  The male heirs of the Baskerville line are being dispatched one by one.  To find their ingenious killer, Holmes and Watson must brave the desolate moors before a family curse dooms its newest heir.  Watch as our intrepid investigators try to escape a dizzy web of clues, silly accents, disguises and deceit as 5 actors deftly portray more that 40 characters.  Does a wild hellhound prowl the moors of Devonshire?  Can our heroes discover the truth in time?  Join the fun and see how far from elementary the truth can be.

Performed August 31, September 1, 2, & 7, 8, 9

Matinee September 3 @ 4pm & September 6 @ 2pm


Randy Jones          Mike Clements

Bobby Keniston          Jacob Junkins          Midge Pomelow





One hotel suite, four tenors, two wives, three girlfriends, and a soccer stadium filled with screaming fans.  What could possibly go wrong?  It's 1930s Paris and the stage is set for the concert of the century -- as long as producer Henry Saunders can keep Italian superstar Tito Merelli and his hot-blooded wife Maria from causing runaway chaos.  Prepare for an uproarious ride, full of mistaken identities, bedroom hijinks, and madcap delight.

Performed September 14, 15,16 & 21, 22, 23 @ 8pm

Matinees September 17 @ 4pm - September 20 @ 2pm


Juan Lavalle-Rivera

Bobby Keniston        Nancy Carbone          Stan Pinnette

Kaelie Smith          Jacob Coombs          Jen Day




Lakewood Rising Star: Karaoke Talent Search


The end of the year fundraising show put on by Josh Hunt is an open talent search for our first Lakewood Rising Star. The karaoke based competition gives participants from ages 13 and up the opportunity to be instantly cast in a major musical for the upcoming 2018 Season. Not only does the winner receive this honor (if available) but his or her name will be shown on a plaque in the Theater for all to see; oh yeah there’s a $200 cash prize too... Participants wanting to qualify for the finals must be one of four selected from five different locations. 20 people will compete in the finals on Friday, September, 29th 2017. This show is sure to show the wide variety of both the young and old across multiple musical genes. Tickets are only $15 dollars for this one night only show. Sponsored by Digital Image Works and Are You Ready To Party...

Performance September 29 @ 7:30pm

History of The Theatre

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